Hello! This is the front-end component library for the Severn Bronies v3 website. Component libraries exist to enable the rapid development of components, templates and pages whilst maintaining consistency across both design and code.

If you’re just a random passer by, well, I don’t know what you’re doing here. This is all technical documentation and unless that’s your bag, then I don’t think there’ll be much here to interest you.

If you’re working on the front-end of the Severn Bronies website, please keep this component library updated with any changes you make! Component libraries are useless if they aren’t up-to-date and consistent with the actual codebase. Thank you!

Document statuses

Components will be one of three statuses.

Status Description
Prototype Not ready for implementation.
WIP Mostly complete but subject to change. Implement with caution.
Ready Further changes unlikely. Ready for implementation.

Documentation will be one of two statuses.

Status Description
Draft Work in progress. Contents are subject to change.
Ready Considered accurate and complete at time of publishing.