Browser Support

The intended browser support for the Severn Bronies website. Given our target audiences are tech savvy we’ve set the bar fairly high, however we’re still focusing on progressive enhancement, accessibility and performance, so even relatively recent unsupported browsers should at least be usable and fully featured.

Full support

Aesthetics and functionality should be all good.

  • Google Chrome current and last version
  • Mozilla Firefox current and last version
  • Opera current and last version
  • Apple Safari 8 and above
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Amazon Silk

Partial support

Functionality is the focus, but we’ll accept some aesthetic issues.

  • Apple Safari 7
  • Android Browser (but only Android 4 and above)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (buggy flexbox support)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (doesn’t support CSS animation, buggy flexbox support)
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 8 (still some buggy behaviour at times)

Not supporting

We make no promises that these will work. Basically anything not listed above, but we ESPECIALLY don’t support these…

  • Apple Safari 6 and below (kinda buggy support for lots of things)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and below (doesn’t support… anything, really)
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (doesn’t even support webfonts!)